Furniture design and construction

I design unique furniture for all interiors, medical clinics, hotels, restaurants, shop furnishing in any shape or size in any style or fabric. For the construction itself I can provide excellent and reliable joiners.

I have worked together for several years with this outstanding and artistically talented technician and his crew.  As it has been proved throughout the years, they make remarkable and excellent furniture following the plans of a professional designer, since success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. They not only do they use wood but they make furniture out of corian-type of material as well.

This is a solid homogeneous acrylic decor plate. It is a natural material produced artificially. Its surface is free of pores therefore it can be easily cleaned, liquids do not work off and cannot leave stain. The joint of the material is invisible. It can also be easily repaired or renovated on the spot and any scratches will vanish by polishing.

It is not the material of the furniture that is the most crucial but the fact that it should match the style of the interior and to serve function and comfort for the customer. This is what I can offer to help with!